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Discover a flavourful expedition with Above Eleven Dubai’s Journey Through Peru

Sponsored: Above Eleven Dubai invites diners on an enticing culinary adventure with the “Journey Through Peru”, a unique three-part menu series each showcasing a distinct region

The experience is enriched by a beautifully illustrated journal for each menu, offering a glimpse into the exploration of Peru’s culinary heritage. Diners receive a book on their first visit and unlock special discounts for subsequent chapters to fully experience “Journey Through Peru’.

The special series spans six weeks, with each chapter offering a curated menu reflecting the essence of its region, starting with “Coastal Cuisine” featuring ceviches and seafood infused with native spices, followed by “Andean Delights” highlighting slow-cooked stews and quinoa-based dishes, and concluding with “Jungle Treasures” showcasing the Amazon’s biodiversity. Above Eleven emphasises sustainability by carefully sourcing ingredients from local fisheries, Andean farmers, and indigenous communities, ensuring freshness and responsible practices throughout the culinary journey.

Chapter 1: Coastal Cuisine

From May 3rd to June 30th, diners can embark on a culinary journey with the Coastal menu, celebrating Peru’s coastal cuisine. The four-course meal includes ceviche, Anticucho, and Arroz Norteño, each reflecting the vibrant flavours of Peru’s shores.

AED350 per person.

Chapter 2: Andean Delights

From July 1st to August 18th, 2024, diners can explore Peru’s mountainous landscape with Menu Two, featuring Andean-inspired dishes such as Lomo con Quinoa and Cordero. Sourced from local farmers and indigenous communities, each ingredient narrates a tale of resilience and tradition.

AED299 per person for diners who have experienced Chapter 1. AED350 per person.

Chapter 3: Jungle Treasures

From August 19th to October 6th, 2024, diners can savour the flavours of the Peruvian jungle with Ceviche de Pato, which offers a tantalising glimpse into the culinary traditions of the Peruvian jungle.

AED199 per person for diners who have experienced Chapters 1 and 2. AED250 per person.

Don’t miss the panoramic lounge and sky bar providing a stunning backdrop for handcrafted Peruvian-inspired beverages and live DJ performances. This fusion of breathtaking views, innovative Nikkei cuisine, and a focus on cultural exploration makes Above Eleven the ultimate destination for the summer. Book now!

Marriot Resort Palm Jumeirah. Call +9714 666 1420 or email reservation@aboveelevendubai.com. Visit website. 

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