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Indian student in Australia left paralysed after alleged assault | India News

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NEW DELHI: Devarshi Deka, a 32-year-old international student from India, dreams of studying a Masters of Professional Accounting at the University of Tasmania (UTAS) turned into a nightmare after an alleged assault which left him in a medically induced coma and with severe injuries, including a brain injury, impaired vision in his left eye, and paralysis in his legs, according to an Australian Broadcasting Company news.
Last November, Deka was reportedly severely assaulted and rushed to a hospital in Salamanca as he had gone out for a night of celebration with his friends intending to celebrate his new part-time job.
“[It’s] very grim and bleak, very bad last few months. If I want to make a move in the bed, if I want to turn to the side, I need to call up the nurses to help me do that,” said Deka.
Dev’s friend, Rishabh Kaushik expressed concern about the next steps in Dev’s recovery. As an international student, Dev does not have access to Centrelink or the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), and the support he needs will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Without government assistance, Dev’s only option would be to return to India, where the nearest hospital is 130 kilometres away from his hometown.
Kaushik has been advocating for Dev since learning about his situation at a community meeting. He has set up a GoFundMe page to help with short-term costs and hopes the government will find a way to support his friend in the long term. “Because this happened here in Hobart, in Tasmania, in Australia. It happened on this soil. Our ask is to help us in supporting him to live here,” he said.
Dev’s parents, Kula and Deepalee Deka, have been in Australia for the past month, spending most of their time with their injured son. However, they have also experienced racist abuse while walking back to their accommodation at night. UTAS has been providing support for Dev and his family, including a place to stay, but it is uncertain how long this will last.
The court case involving Dev’s alleged assault is yet to be finalised, and the Department of Home Affairs and the immigration minister have been contacted for comment.

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