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Four Indian students drown in Russia, one rescued: Indian mission

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NEW DELHI: Four Indian medical students drowned in a river near St. Petersburg, Russia. The Indian missions in Russia are working closely with local authorities to expedite the return of their bodies to their families. The victims, comprising two boys and two girls aged 18 to 20, were students at Novgorod State University in Veliky Novgorod.
The Jalgaon District Collector, Ayush Prasad on Thursaday said that “A very unfortunate incident has come to light in which five students have drowned in a river near St.Petersburg in Russia, of which one student’s life has been saved by the authorities in Russia and four students have died.One body has been recovered and search operations for three other bodies are going on. We, with the help of the ministry of external affairs, contacted the embassy in Russia and the consular general in St.Petersburg. They have been very supportive to the family and we’ve been coordinating with the judicial as well as the police and disaster management authorities. Best medical care is being provided to the student whose life has been safe… We are hoping that the bodies will be sent back to India as per the international protocol.”

Local media reports said that a female Indian student, who waded out from the beach on the river Volkhov, got into trouble and four of her companions tried to save her.
In response the Indian Consulate in St. Petersburg said that, ” Consulate General of India in St. Petersburg, Russia is working together with the local authorities of Veliky Novgorod to send the mortal remains to the relatives as soon as possible. The bereaved families have been contacted and assured of all the possible help..”
Proper medical, incl. psychological treatment is being provided to the girl student who was saved. These students were pursuing medical education in Veliky Novgorod State University. Sincere condolences to the bereaved families, the consulate added.

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