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‘Attempt to instill fear’: Canadian ministers on posters of Indira Gandhi’s assassination

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NEW DELHI: Responding to allegations of Khalistani supporters in Vancouver displaying posters depicting the assassination of Indira Gandhi, public safety minister Dominic LeBlanc stressed that promoting violence is unacceptable in Canada.
“This week, there were reports of imagery depicting the assassination of Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi in Vancouver.The promotion of violence is never acceptable in Canada,” LeBlanc posted on X.

Indian-origin Canadian Member of Parliament Chandra Arya also voiced his concerns about the posters. Arya accused the Khalistani supporters of trying to instill fear among Hindu-Canadians. The posters depicted the former Prime Minister with bullet holes and her Sikh bodyguards turned assassins holding guns.
“This is an attempt to instill fear of violence in Hindu-Canadians,” Arya said on X.

Arya recalled a similar incident with a float in Brampton a few years ago. He also mentioned a recent case where Pannu of Sikhs for Justice had asked Hindus to return to India.
“Khalistan supporters in Vancouver are trying to instill fear among Hindu-Canadians,” Arya reiterated.
Arya urged Canadian law enforcement agencies to take immediate action. He highlighted the risks if such activities are left unchallenged.
“If this continues unchallenged, it might lead to something real,” Arya warned.
He emphasized that the depiction of Indira Gandhi with a prominent bindi was to clearly target Hindu-Canadians.
“The prominence of the bindi on Indira Gandhi’s forehead is to ensure the intended targets are Hindus in Canada,” Arya noted.
Recent pro-Khalistani incidents have strained India-Canada relations. Last month, some Khalistani supporters shouted anti-India slogans during the Nagar Kirtan Parade organized by the Ontario Gurudwara Committee.
The Ministry of External Affairs strongly condemned the float used in the Nagar Kirtan parade in Ontario. They stated that the “celebration and glorification of violence” should not be accepted in a civilized society.
Several incidents of Khalistan extremism have been reported in Canada over the past few years.
These ongoing events continue to fuel tensions and concern within the communities in Canada and between the nations.
Canadian authorities and community leaders are being called upon to address these issues promptly to maintain peace and harmony.
The matter remains a critical talking point in both Canadian and Indian political spheres.
Ensuring the safety and well-being of the citizens, irrespective of their background, remains paramount.
Dialogue and decisive action are essential in navigating this sensitive and multifaceted issue.

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